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In order to spread and disseminate the results of the workgroups, 9 two-day workshops in Udine, Hyderabad and Valencia will be organised. In particular, 2 workshops during the first year, 3 during the second year and 4 during the last year will be held. The titles of the workshops will be the following:

WO1: Web3D Technologies

WO2: E-Contents for cultural dissemination: Heritage and Science

WO2: IT for Preservation and Dissemination of Cultural Heritage

WO3: Specification and verification of Web Sites

WO4: Clustering techniques for document organisation and retrieval

WO5: Innovation dissemination from academia to business (A2B)

WO6: Quality Control in Digital Libraries

WO7: Intelligent Tutoring Systems

WO8: Semantic Information Retrieval: A Natural Language Processing Task

WO9: Personalization in e-learning systems