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WG2: E-Contents for cultural dissemination: Heritage and Science

Start date Year 1, Month 4
Duration Seven months
Partner responsible Hyderabad
Other partners Udine , Valencia
Exchange 1 post-graduate (10 days), 1 expert (10 days)
Workshop Hyderabad – Year 1, Month 11



The institutions have a considerable amount of assets and educational materials in the areas of popularization and promotion of exact sciences and heritage. Furthermore they have been very active in carrying out actions and events for spreading scientific culture and awareness among the public at large, e.g. hands-on Science Museum, Festivals of Science and Culture, etc.

The institutions are currently facing the task of how making it also “go digital”. In fact, the digital medium can be very beneficial for pursuing the intended activities, in that it forces to standardize, and hence also rationalize, the format under which the educational materials and activities are carried out.

These are currently quite culturally biased to the local communities, and are therefore badly in need for being redefined in a more global perspective.

Description of work

We analyze how to address portability of existing cultural dissemination assets such as Science and Heritage museums on a digital platform. In particular, we will address the problem of e-contents for Science and Heritage popularization, i.e. of making accesible on the net the kind of experiences which can raise the awareness of the youngsters and the laymen in these areas. Special emphasis will go also in the direction of experimenting with existing solutions for enhancing digitally the fruition of cultural artifacts. Topics of investigation will be also the appropriate formats for building digital problem repositories and archives.

The activity will try to build on the fact that all three countries involved have an extremely rich artistic heritage. This subject area is therefore particularly natural as well as urgently needing some action to be make it more digitally accessible. We plan to experiment with our e-contents solutions.

Experts involved in this workgroup: 5


Demonstration of prototypes of digital museums, and other e-contents for increasing awareness and knowledge in the areas of cultural heritage and sciences. Propose codes of conduct and protocols for e-contents creation in the area of cultural dissemination and popularization.